4 tips for perfect oral hygiene

April is the month of Oral Cancer Awareness so what better way to prevent oral diseases and learn to brush your teeth carefully TODAY! Learn with us the 4 tips for perfect oral hygiene.

There are many types of oral diseases: the most commons are cavities, gums inflammations, dental abscesses and sensitivity and, in the presence of dental implants, peri-implantitis. 

When it comes to oral disease prevention, toothbrushing becomes a very important act to which we should dedicate our best effort.

A proper daily oral hygiene is the foundation of a great smile, with strong and healthy gums and teeth.

However, we sometimes tend to mechanically brush our teeth, we do it distractedly, and this, unfortunately, leads us to pay little attention to how we do it.
How can we carry out our daily oral hygiene correctly, in a simple way?
Here are the 3 tips from your smile experts.


1. Always Make Time

The rush of the morning, the tiredness of the evening or the daily commitments should never be an excuse to neglect the oral hygiene and the health of your smile.

Plaque and tartar are the number one enemies of our dental health so taking the time to brush our teeth properly is very important.
Prevention is paramount: remember to brush your teeth after main meals, floss or use an interdental brush at least once a day and schedule regular checks by your dental hygienist.

Our tip: wait a little before brushing to that saliva can naturally rinse our mouth.

2. Brush it like a pro

We are all in a hurry sometimes and because of it, we end up brushing our teeth in a hurry, or with excessive pressure or little attention.
Here’s how to brush like a pro:

  • Make slow and not too aggressive movements. 
  • Brush the surface of the teeth for about 2-3 minutes with small movements
  • Move from the gum to the final part of the tooth.

Our tip: Use the floss or interdental brush immediately, so that food or drinks residues will be removed more easily by water and toothpaste. Remember to floss at least once per day.



Love your mouth.

3. Don’t forget your tongue

Use your toothbrush to clean your tongue too.

Bacteria and food residues are easily deposited on the surface of the tongue.
This may cause halitosis and possible oral infections. 

Our tip: you can find dedicated toothbrush for your tongue so to remove even more softly the accumulation of bacteria after the meals.


4. Friendly foods

Did you know that some foods are friends of your teeth and help them to stay healthy?

Foods that are rich in calcium (yoghurt, milk, almonds, beans, some leafy greens and more) help to strengthen dental enamel; celery increases salivation and contributes to cleaning the oral cavity, onions are powerful natural antibacterials.

As there are foods that nourish our body, there are foods that sometimes nourish the spirit.
It has been shown that an abundant use of sugars determines the formation of acid substances responsible for the impoverishment of tooth enamel.

However, needless to deny it, there are times when a bit of sugar is just what you need!
No worries, just remember to:

– do not consume a lot of sugar;
– clean your gum too, in order to remove bacteria and prevent inflammation.

Our tip: End your meal with an apple which, thanks for its peel, cleans the teeth well.



Prevention is essential to keep our mouth healthy.
Prevention is based on the daily oral care and on the regular checks performed by a dental hygienist.
With a professional screening, you can ensure a healthy smile and mouth!

We, at Syno, are happy to teach you how to maintain good and personalized hygiene so feel free to call us or use the form to book an appointment with us, at your best convenience.

Happy brushing!
Your Syno Practise 


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