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3 ideas for teaching children to brush their teeth

If you, like us, are a parent, the phrase “I don’t want to brush my teeth” is surely something you heard before.
We all know this very well!

Teeth brushing, for many children, is a big boring nuisance but it’s also the best way to prevent future dental issues. Children just don’t know it.
How can we try to overcome these situations and avoid tiring battles in front of the washbasin?

Let’s make it clear that this important routine should be acquired as soon as possible.
It is vital that this habit is consolidated from an early age and that, at the age of 4-5 years, teeth brushing is no longer a struggle between parents and children but a simple habit to perform after meals.
How to do that? Here are our suggestions.

3 ideas for teaching children to brush their teeth: our tips.

1. As soon as the first tooth appears, you can clean it with a little gauze, using your finger. As the child grows, you can buy a small and very soft toothbrush. First, teach your child how to use it: show where and how to brush. With time, you can see if the mastering of brushing is completed! It takes time though so, don’t rush.

2. Imitation of parents is very important. Always remember to set a good example for your child: to hear parents asking to brush teeth and then not see them do it, is just an inconsistent message.
Also, teeth brushing can be a playful moment too, it doesn’t have to be boring.
For example, have you ever tried to listen to some music during the brushing?

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Healthy teeth from an early age!


3. Is your young child asking for Elsa toothpaste or for Dino toothbrush? Go for it! There are cases when specific products are requested and you better talk to your dentist to be sure. However, in the majority of times, there is no harm to let your children use fun products they enjoy.
The same goes for the myriad apps in circulation which children can enjoy while brushing their teeth.

Check out:
Disney Magic Timer by Oral-B
Brush Dj

Daily care of your mouth and teeth is the most important gesture to prevent oral problems. Remember, however, that a professional check must be done at least once a year to make sure there are no problems to fix.

We look forward to seeing you at the practice!
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