How to protect your child’s teeth from injury

Dental trauma is an event that can happen, especially to a child who has just started walking or who is quite lively. While practising sports, safety precautions (like mouth guards and protective gear) can help protect them.

However, whether a child is at home or playing with friends, some mishaps are inevitable: this is why it is important to know a few things in our power that can help prevent accidents.


How to protect your child’s teeth from injury: tips to protect a child

One of the most common causes of tooth injuries in babies and toddlers is the bathtub. The first suggestion in order to avoid the risk of slippering on the bath’s porcelain and hurt the teeth is: never leave your child unattended when taking a bath.

When playing with objects at home, in a garden or in the playground, it is important to teach a child the importance of not aiming at each other’s heads.
A simple ball or a frisbee can easily cause tooth injuries.


How to protect your child’s teeth from injury: be prepared

Even the most careful parent with the most cautious child can witness an accident.
First of all, do not panic! If a kiss and a little ice are not enough, it is useful to have some notion of first aid so as to stop the bleeding until the arrival in the emergency room.

Remember that a trauma involving teeth and lips can cause noticeable bleeding of the gums, but also of the cheek and tongue, cut by the teeth in the impact.
The consequence is a great fear for the child and the parent, or for those involved in first aid.


Wie kann ich meine Kinder vor Zahnschäden und Unfälle schützen?


How to protect your child’s teeth from injury: so, what should you do?

Calm the child, clean the wound by dabbing the blood with clean gauze or handkerchiefs.
Place ice on the outside to reduce inflammation.

If teeth are involved in the accident, try to find a dentist as fast as possible. Depending on the situation he will take care of it and can explain the further steps if needed.

In case of a milk tooth, it is generally sufficient for the child not to bite for a few weeks in order to properly heal.
In the case of permanent teeth instead, it is possible to recover it.

Do not wash or clean the tooth – this will kill the root!
Put it in a physiological solution, in some milk or making it keep in the mouth until you arrive to the dentist.
The shorter the time elapsed between the traumatic event and the replanting, the better its success.

If the tooth cannot be recovered it, it will be made new with materials that reproduce exactly the semblance of the injured tooth.


How to protect your child’s teeth from injury: keep the tooth clean and healthy

The most important way to protect children’s teeth is to keep them clean and healthy.

After the injured tooth has been taken care of, we suggest to brush it with a soft toothbrush.
The dentist will tell you whether to apply chlorhexidine gel with gauze 2-3 times a day for a week. This in order to avoid the accumulation of plaque and food residues.
Let the children have a soft diet for 10-14 days. Limit the use of the pacifier for the little ones.


Keep your teeth healthy is the best way to make them stronger and more resistant to injury.
Remember you are here if you need a check or a suggestion about a dental accident.

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