6 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

Vacations are probably around the corner for many of us. You will be away from home, and you will be out of your routine.
While relaxing and sleeping, make sure you are still taking care of your teeth and gums.

We have written for you a few tips for helping you keep a healthy and clean mouth while you’re travelling and enjoying some time off.


Is it all packed? The eternal doubt!


6 Reisetips für Ihre Zähne

  1. Consider a disposable toothbrush
    If you have a packed itinerary, you can opt for a clean and dry disposable toothbrush. You won’t have to worry about microbes and you can easily carry it in your bag. Consider this option in case of many transfers as disposable means waste: have a look at sustainable choices, like @thebamandboo
  2. You forgot the toothbrush
    It happened to all of us, at least once! If you find yourself without a toothbrush, you can rinse with water to wash away some bacteria or also use a clean washcloth with some toothpaste and pass it on your teeth.
  3. You forgot the toothpaste
    If you realise you’ve missed the toothpaste, just use plain water and brush your teeth as you would ordinarily do. You’ll buy the toothpaste the next day.
  4. Use of bottles water
    You are in a country where you are not sure the water supply is compromised or you are on a wild adventure: always use bottled water to brush and stay safe.
  5. Dry the toothbrush out
    If your toothbrush stays wet, it will breed bacteria. Place your toothbrush upright in a cup so to allow the water to drain away from the bristles. Remember to take your toothbrush out of its travel container as soon as you reach your destination.
  6. Leave without worries
    Before you start your holidays, be sure to pay a visit to your dentist or orthodontist and check the appliance to be sure everything is in order.
    There is no place like home when it comes to your dentist, right? Prevention is about making sure to spot a problem before they happen so leave having your deserved peace of mind.

Happy Holidays!
Your Syno Team



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