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6 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

Vacations are probably around the corner for many of us. You will be away from home, and you will be out of your routine. While relaxing and sleeping, make sure you are still taking care of your teeth and gums. We have written for you a few tips for helping you keep a healthy and […]

Quotes that will make you smile

The reason we work in the dental health business is that we love a smile. And we love to see other people’s smiles too. Smile is the most powerful human gesture which triggers your brain’s reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate cannot match! There is science behind this statement: smiling induce the production […]

How to protect your child’s teeth from injury

Dental trauma is an event that can happen, especially to a child who has just started walking or who is quite lively. While practising sports, safety precautions (like mouth guards and protective gear) can help protect them. However, whether a child is at home or playing with friends, some mishaps are inevitable: this is why […]

Life with braces

You have decided to wear braces and you’re getting ready to adjust to new habits. Knowing to take care properly of your appliance during your orthodontic treatment is important: we are here for you with some of the most asked answers to your questions. Life with braces: eating with your new orthodontic appliance. Are you worried you […]

3 ideas for teaching children to brush their teeth

If you, like us, are a parent, the phrase “I don’t want to brush my teeth” is surely something you heard before. We all know this very well! Teeth brushing, for many children, is a big boring nuisance but it’s also the best way to prevent future dental issues. Children just don’t know it. How […]

How Orthodontics works, at all ages

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are millions of people who wear different kinds of dental devices to straighten teeth and improve both the aesthetic and the health of the smile. In this context, the figure of the orthodontist is becoming increasingly important. Who are orthodontists? They are fully qualified dentists who embark […]

4 tips for perfect oral hygiene

April is the month of Oral Cancer Awareness so what better way to prevent oral diseases and learn to brush your teeth carefully TODAY! Learn with us the 4 tips for perfect oral hygiene. There are many types of oral diseases: the most commons are cavities, gums inflammations, dental abscesses and sensitivity and, in the presence […]