Your specialist orthodontic practice in the heart of Zurich

We take time with each of our patients, listening to all your concerns and creating a unique and individualised treatment plan. Our thorough exams and smile analyses are based on aesthetics, founded in knowledge & experience. We will work with your dentist and other health care providers to coordinate your treatment through a team approach. Our state-of-the-art office utilizes digital technologies for your benefits.

Do you want professional and individual advice and not constantly changing practitioners of a dental chain? At SYNO we are proud to offer you a personalised treatment. Together we can plan and discuss the path to your most beautiful smile that suits your personality. Experience and sound diagnostics are the fundament for a treatment outcome that meets your expectations.

SYNO – An abbreviation of the Latin word SYNONYM > to correct, modify
A synonym refers to various expressions that have the same or a similar meaning. In orthodontics, this means that a given circumstance can be corrected, modified or replaced.