Healthy teeth can be moved at any age

Adult orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics – the correction of misaligned teeth – is possible at any age! Based on an individual diagnosis with two or three-dimensional x-ray images and taking into account important factors such as the health of your gums, teeth can be moved at any age.

We care about your needs. Inconspicuous / invisible treatment with the most modern treatment techniques that are individually tailored to you, because your teeth and smile are unique.

Enjoy watching your teeth straighten!

You will notice changes almost immediately in the way your teeth line up – but hardly anyone will notice that you are undergoing orthodontic therapy due to either clear aligners or braces attached to the back of your teeth.

Do I have to wear plastic aligners all day long…

…or are there other invisible treatment alternatives?


be in control – it’s all in your hands

Invisible aligners - with the help of removable, transparent aligners, we correct light to moderate tooth misalignments quickly and efficiently.

Professional diagnostics and planning are important so that a realistic treatment goal can be discussed with your orthodontist.


worry free – no one knows, except you

Lingual orthodontics (braces are placed on the inner surfaces of your teeth, making them nearly invisible) – in order to guarantee you maximum precision for every clinical tooth misalignment, we specialise in the Incognito System.

ceramic brackets

the cost-efficient alternative

High performance transparent ceramic braces are a great option for adults as well. We will discuss all of the options and let you decide.

Absolute comfort – everything digital

Do you find impressions at the dentist uncomfortable? We completely agree and have eliminated “old school impressions with rubber”.

An intraoral digital scan not only replaces conventional impressions, but it also offers many other advantages. Let us surprise you! Integrated digital technologies are our standard for all processes.

Adults services list

Our practice is fully digital

Including X-ray technology to ensure the lowest radiation exposure, and the use of 3D digital cameras to eliminate the need for unpleasant conventional dental impressions.

List of treatments
  • Orthodontics for adults
  • Aesthetic orthodontics
  • Treatment with invisible, elastic aligners (Invisalign® )
  • Lingual technology (Incognito )
  • Treatment with ceramic braces (clear/ transparent)
  • Combined orthodontic-maxillofacial treatments
  • Pre-prosthetic orthodontics
  • Treatment of patients with cleft lip and palate
  • Mouthguards for sports

Dental Hygiene

Regular tooth cleaning improves your dental health in the long term. Our certified dental hygienist will offer you a treatment according to your individual needs.


Brighten up your smile! Our protocols and materials ensure an effective but gentle treatment.